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Hello Mister Frank is Frank Conradie, a Cape Town based multi-disciplinary designer specialising in illustration, typography, packaging and advertising. Frank has 12 years' experience in 3D, illustration and typography. He has worked alongside some of the best talent in the country such as BlackGinger, Lung Animation, Radio, Studio Muti and Am I Collective and has also collaborated with international studios such as Shotopop, Mother Volcano and I Love Dust. Utilising various mediums and artistic styles that fit any project, Frank also has extensive experience as a creative director, having worked with leading brands and agencies locally and globally.
Nike, Reebok, Brooks, McDonalds, Minga Berlin, Vida e Caffe, Obrigado Magazine, Ogojiii Magazine, Russian Bear, Woolworths, Essie Letterpress, Frontier Goods, Over Inc.
Design Times Magazine, Obrigado Magazine, Visi Magazine, 3Dartist Magazine, 3DTotal Magazine, Between 10 and 5
M Contemporary Gallery, 99Loop Gallery, Salon91 Gallery
E: hellomrfrank@gmail.com
M: +27 84 785 9696
Represented in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Switzerland by UMER ARTISTS AGENCY
Agent - Mitja Umer
E: info@umer.si
P: +386 41 975 990